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Burton Danet
Jun 17, 2011

Reliable Energy Savings

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PH: 1-248-605-5657

E-mail: harastu@reliable-savings.com


An authorized Affiliate of Energy Automation Systems, Inc.

Pakistan: 92-333-228-3257 reliablesavingsinc@gmail.com


Reliable Savings via Innovative Technologies

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Reliable Energy Savings Inc. DELIVERS Innovative solution to challenges of 2011 by Eliminating Wastes in Operating Systems, Facilities and Human Asset through Seamless Technology Integration and Business Process Lean Engineering.


Our core focus is to enable existing resources to perform through customized Lean Process Engineering.


We provide Guaranteed SAVINGS in Power Bills of Energy Intensive Industrial and Commercial Facilities through proven technologies working in Renowned Organization in 26 countries.  Visit Reliable Energy Savings, Inc.


for details of our Business Strategy to DELIGHT our Global Clients.


Please fill the Energy Status Questionnaire to map the Current System and develop an ACTON PLAN to DELIVER the GUARANTEED SAVINGS of 10-30% in your Utility Bills or those of a client you will refer to us, thereby your earning your own Self-FUNding!


Our Innovative GREEN Energy Production Technologies enables us to transform our clients to GREEN Organizations through investment of SAVINGS from POWER BILLS into Solar HVAC and CLEAN Energy Technologies. 


Initiate the Continual Improvement journey by Zero-Risk Exploratory Meeting to identify HIDDEN WASTES and collectively develop a seamless MINIMIZATION strategy.


We look forward to integrate our wisdom, experience and technologies with your Human Asset to develop sustainable bond through assuring GROWTH of ALL Stakeholders.